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Mohane Coumar

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My group's research involves application of Computer-aided drug design techniques for drug discovery. Major focus of research is on Cancer drug discovery.
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Conference Papers

Sl.NoTitle of the paper presentedName of the Conference/SeminarPlaceDate
1Ramya Chandar Charles, Gopichand Chinta, Latha P, Mohane Selvaraj Coumar*. In silicoinvestigation of piperine’s male contraceptive effect: Docking & molecular dynamic studies on Androgen Receptor 6th National Symposium cum Workshop on “Recent Trends in Structural Bioinformatics and Computer Aided Drug Design.Alagappa University,Karaikudi, India.February 18-21, 2014,
2Sarvagalla Sailu, Mohane Selvaraj Coumar*.Hotspot detection in anti-cancer drug target Survivin using in silico alanine scanning methods. International Symposium on “Chemistry with ComputersIIIT Hyderabad and IICT HyderabadJanuary 18-19, 2014
3Hemant Arya and Mohane Selvaraj Coumar*. In Silico investigation of chemical constituents of Clerodendrum spp. for interaction with anti-hypertensive drug target – Rho-associated coiled-coil protein kinase (ROCK)6th Science ConclaveIIIT AllahabadDecember 8-14, 2013.
4Hemant Arya and Mohane Selvaraj Coumar*. In silico screening of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) database to identify leads for Filariasis treatment. Recent Adavaces in “Computational Drug Design”. IISC Bangalore September 16-17, 2013
5Mohane Selvaraj Coumar*, Sailu Sarvagalla, Vivek Singh, and Hsing-Pang Hsieh. Identification of Aurora-A selective inhibitor through structure based virtual screening Recent Adavaces in “Computational Drug Design”.IISC Bangalore September 16-17, 2013
6a) Aurora Kinase Inhibitors as Anticancer Agents: Identification of Ligand Efficient Aurora kinase A Inhibitors Through Fragment-Based Virtual Screening
b) Virtual Screening of Natural Products to Identify Leads for
Filariasis Treatment
Symposium on Science for
Shaping the future of India
ISCA, Podicherry Chapter & Pondicherry University,
7Aurora Kinase Inhibitors as Anticancer Agents: Identification of Ligand Efficient Hits Through
Structure-Based Virtual Screening
63rd Indian Pharmaceutical
Bengaluru 16.12.2011

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