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Basant K Tiwary

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Sl.NoTitleYear of Publication
15Evolution of the SRGAP2 Gene Is Linked to Intelligence in Mammals., , Biomed Hub S.Karger AG,Basel, 20162016
14 1. A. Kumar, P.L. Thotakura, Basant K Tiwary and Ramadas Krishna , Target identification in Fusobacterium nucleatum by subtractive genomics approach and enrichment analysis of host-pathogen protein-protein interactions, , BMC microbiology, 20162016
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8 The severity of mental disorders is linked to interaction among candidate genes, Integrative Biology, , 20122012
7 9. S.B. Paul, Basant K. Tiwary & Arun Paul Choudhury, Studies on the epidemiology of cervical cancer in Southern Assam, , Assam University Journal of Science & Technology , 20112011
6 Basant K. Tiwary, Local molecular clock is not consistent with parallel evolution of androgen binding proteins, , Biotech, 20112011
5 M. A. Siddique, B. K. Tiwary & S.B. Paul, Phospholipid and protein contents of lens proteolipids in human senile cataract., Nature Eye, , 20102010
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3 Wen-Hsiung Li, Parallel evolution between aromatase and androgen receptor in the animal kingdom, Molecular Biology & Evolution, , 20092009
2 R. Kirubagaran & Arun K. Ray , Testosterone triggers the brain-pituitary-gonad axis of juvenile female catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis Bloch) for precocious ovarian maturation, Elsevier, , 20022002
1 R. Kirubagaran & Arun K. Ray , Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) neurones of triploid catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch): an immunocytochemical study, Elsevier, , 20022002

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